Edge City

- written by Tomas HV Mørkrid, for Game Chef 2010

A roleplaying game set to a modern city, with modern men and women. It is played out with 4-5 players, using a method with shifting "DMs" (Deux ex Machina). The game is playable as a series of 2 hours sessions, or as a heavy 4-5 hours intense journey.

Edge City lies between the desert and the edge of the world. The characters of the game are explorers going over The Edge. A giant crane will hoist their exploration capsule into the starlit void. These explorers boldly goes where no man has gone before, dangling on the end of a wire, trapped in a capsule, dying to find out what is hidden in the darkness. What they find, is the old and twisted "skin" of their own city, peopled with strangely familiar ghost ...


Errata 1: In the paragraph on "Needs", I seem to have forgotten the beads used in the game. You need some beads to use as markers on the encounter-map.

Errata 2: The news- articles included in the game, is meant to be laid out on the table as you sit down to play. They are for everyone to read, as an inspiration on both the city and the expedtion.